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Numbers Game - Numberama

Maybe you know "Numberama" from iOS or some people call it "Take Ten" or just "Numbers Game".
It is often played with paper and pen and because this wastes much of paper and time to write all yourself I developed such an app for android.
Numbers Game - Numberama

Here is the video where you can see how it looks like:

In this game you have to find two numbers which are the same or together ten. Then the two numbers will be crossed out.
You have to find neighbouring (vertically or continuously) pairs of digits. By doing this you can skip crossed out numbers .
If no more numbers fit together you have to press the "Check" button (the button with the + sign) and all the not crossed out numbers are written behind the remaining ones.The goal is to cross out all numbers.
An instruction in the app shows which numbers you can combine.

- 5 modes
- instruction
- statistics (all local, no server-communication)
- automatic save/load
- undo button to undo the last turn
- help button (if you can't find two numbers which fit together)
- restart button (to start a new game)
- clear button to remove empty lines (that you don't have to scroll that much)
- totally free
- no ads

If you want to test new updates before I release them, register as beta tester:

You have to log in with your account, you are using in the Play Store. After registering you can download the beta updates like normal updates via the Play Store.

You can submit your beta feedback via mail, on this page or in this Google+ community:
Google+ community

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